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Whether you are feeling as big as a house or are tired of the last ten pounds of baby weight that refuses to budge, we’re here to help. At Fit To Be Healthy Personal Training we help women in all stages of pregnancy and postpartum manage their issues more comfortably and with fewer overall health risks and concerns.

Whether you are newly pregnant or six months post partum, we can work with you to create a customized personal training plan that will maintain your existing fitness levels and keep you comfortable during your pregnancy and/or after baby arrives. All of our routines, whether prenatal or postnatal, include aerobic activity, strengthening exercises, and easy warm up and cool down stretches.

The main goal of all of our prenatal personal training programs is first and foremost maintaining the fitness level you were accustomed to pre-pregnancy. Unlike a normal personal training routine which focuses on increasing cardiovascular fitness or muscular strength, our prenatal personal training routines instead focus on:

Increased maternal fitness
Appropriate weight gain
Prevention and management of gestational diabetes
Improved posture, muscular balance, and core strength
A stronger mind-body connection
Increased postpartum recovery
Maintain psychological, social and emotional health

Now that baby has arrived, it’s easy to get lost in the craziness that is motherhood but at Fit To Be Healthy Personal Training we encourage you to take time to focus on your postnatal fitness which is crucial in increasing energy, improving emotional health, minimizing the risk of postpartum depression, strengthening pelvic floor muscles against incontinence, and assisting in weight loss. And don’t forget exercise provides you with the perfect excuse for some much needed “me” time!