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At Fit to Be Healthy, we pride ourselves on providing individualized one-on-one or semi-private training for women from all walks of life, in all shapes and sizes, and at any fitness level. On any given day, our team of caring, experienced, and results-driven personal trainers are working with busy career women, stay-at-home moms, pregnant women, individuals with chronic pain or reduced mobility, brides-to-be, and athletes training for gruelling fitness competitions. Our clients train with us for any number of reasons, from reducing body fat and body sculpting to preventing menopausal weight gain, treating depression, building confidence or preparing for fitness competitions. We believe in setting goals not only for the body but also the mind and spirit. We know that exercise leads not only to better physical health and appearance, but also to a healthier, happier and more positive mindset along with enhanced well-being, self-image and self-esteem.

We strongly believe that our clients’ success is a reflection of our work and we are determined to help our clients achieve their dream physique and fitness goals. You can train at our private Yaletown training studio at times that are convenient to you—we’ve been known to start as early as 6 AM and go as late as 9 PM.

In general, clients can choose between two different training styles:

Private Training: A client and a trainer

Semi-Private Training: Two clients (friends, co-workers, spouse) and one trainer.

Whether you choose Private or Semi-Private training, you will be provided with a varied program based on your goals, as well as ongoing measurements, photo sessions, and fitness evaluations. Each session will be unique, employing different training techniques and exercises to ensure that you don’t reach a fitness plateau. This approach ensures that you stay on track and continue to see progress!

To fit the varied needs of our clients, we offer several specialized programs.