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Small group personal training is a cost-effective way to receive individual training while working out with others in a fun, supportive environment.
Each session is scientifically designed and instructed by coach Caroline, who will guide you through each exercise, step by step. Showing you modification whenever needed and making sure you do each exercise with perfect form. Expect each session to be unique, with different exercises and training method, to ensure that you don’t reach a fitness plateau.
Classes are limited to groups of  8 people, so Coach Caroline can focus on personally instructing you to be your best, allowing each member to receive more personal attention.
No matter what your current fitness level, our small group personal training helps you reach your fitness goals faster than working out on your own or by attending traditional larger group fitness classes.

Cost: $80 ($20 per class)
Dates: March 17, 24 and April 7th and 14th

Classes are instructed in Portuguese. Please make sure you are able to understand Portuguese fluently 😉

For ALL fitness levels!
Sign up with a friend, or expect to make some new ones  💪💛