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Having the wedding day of your dreams means not only feeling amazing but also looking amazing and at Fit To Be Healthy Personal Training we can help make this dream come true.

Our Fit Bride service is customized and designed based on the goals, time frame, and budget of each of our bridal clients’ right down to the last detail.

Encompassing many aspects of our personal training program but with an emphasis on fitting into that dream dress. The Fit Bride service includes more frequent measurement and monitoring and ramps up as the wedding day nears.

Because bridal fashions come in all shapes and sizes, the needs of any two brides are never the same. We request for a picture of your wedding dress in advance so that we can tailor your program to fit not only your body type but also the dress it needs to accommodate. For example, if you have a skin baring backless wedding dress, we’ll focus on your upper back or if you’re wearing a skin tight mermaid gown then we’ll spend more time on your core area.

We can also help alleviate the inevitable stress that comes along with wedding planning by incorporating boxing or a bit of yoga into your personal training plan. Who doesn’t want to punch or stretch out a bit of bridal frustration here and there?!

We recommend that all brides start their Fit Bride programs at least 6 months in advance of their big day but this can vary depending on each bride’s goals and current fitness level.

If your wedding day is approaching and you want to look your best, give our team of Fit Bride experts a call to get started on achieving your dream bridal physique.