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Some of the most challenging setbacks in life occur when we are suddenly faced with an injury or physical limitation. However, we can also see these challenges as opportunities for newfound growth and strength.

Our Active Rehab program is designed for clients who want to place a special focus on a key area of their physical health following an accident, surgery or sports injury. Staying active, mobile and motivated is critical for a healthy recovery — our team of certified Kinesiologists, Personal Trainers and Strength and Conditioning Specialists are qualified to guide you as you rehabilitate your body.

With our Active Rehab program, you will be guided through a personalized and progressive training regimen that steadily builds on your current ability levels, with the goal of returning to (or surpassing!) your previous level of mobility, balance, flexibility, endurance and strength. Clients who have gone through our Active Rehab program have come to us with a variety of conditions, including:

Knee/ankle injuries
Rotator cuff injuries
Wrist injuries
Recovering from falls & more …

As athletes ourselves, many of us have experienced firsthand the difficulty of injury and rehabilitation. We work to create an environment that not only enhances your physical abilities but also supports your emotional and mental health. We understand the challenging nature of rehabilitation and we offer techniques for working around pain and reducing stress, both physically and mentally.